Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Baby Kimono Fininshed!

Well when I started this adorable baby kimono from the awesome Mason Dixon Knitting book I didn't think I could pull it off. Project #4 is a success! When it was time to bind off and continue knitting only on one sleeve I was convinced that it would turn out like the first pair of shorts I tried to sew. When I was done with shorts they had two cylinders in which to place legs but then you were in trouble because there was nothing else (not even a waistband!) But instead of being a waste of time as the shorts were, the baby kimono is finished. This was also my first attempt at the mattress stitch & seaming. Can't say that was fun, but I could not possibly leave unfinished when I was so close!!!

Oh I just had to add a pic of my ten year old daughters first handknit. The scarf is so cute on her too! After many attempts at knitting she is a success! I am so proud.

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