Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Christmas Gifts & Overall Update

Well, I have been trying to get on this blog for 2 weeks! I don't know if I am the only one or not, but blogger has let me see my page but that's it. No editing or uploading pics for me. Which speaking of pics, I don't have all of them yet. Also, I am not pleased with my pics. They are not turning out so good. Well here they are anyway.

My second and much better attempt at the Dec 1 KAL. It is even facing the right direction! YEE HAW! I was so busy with gift knitting I never even got to try the midmonth one. I will try to backtrack a little later I guess. I may not be an expert but these dishcloths are so much fun that in no time you feel like one! If you haven't joined the Monthly Dishcloth KAL you are so missing out. Check out the link at the bottom of blog!

It is day three for the Jan 1 KAL and here is my progress so far.

Not to change the subject, but here is the fast & furious Christmas gift marathon results.

1. Purple Scarf for freind Karen

2. Three dishcloths for Mom & a lovely lumpy fleece scarf in sandstone color (winter white with creamyish stray yarns throughout. (My mom is supposed to be emailing me pics of all of these. I was knitting these right up until go time and had no time to take pics, & my Mom lives out of town. She just started Nursing School today GO MOM!! So she is not cooperating very quickly. That's ok we'll wait I guess, LOL!)

3. Funky striped scarf for my youngest Anna.

4. Dark & Light pink striped scarf for my oldest Emily.

5. Some oddball grandmas favorite dishcloths that didn't make it into a Christmas box...Not sure why now. I sort of just kept making them after it was already too late. I guess I will be forced to keep them...what a hardship) NOT! (Oh, also I must give credit where credit is due..I believe that Emily and Anna did these! Oh I hope these are not a late gift that we have to mail out...If so certain recipient don't breathe a word about seeing these. I have to finish weaving the ends on these but overall they are done.)

6. Emily knit our cousin a green fleece scarf. Anna hasn't finished hers yet..she is working on a blue one for the other cousin. (Again more ends to weave...they will knit it, but I must finish it!)

7. I went nuts New Years Eve over a garterlac dishcloth and just couldn't go to bed until I made one! I finished it and headed for bed about 3am, and Hubby gives us a scare with high blood pressure and rapid racing heart rate. We headed for the ER and they got it down and sent us home 3 hrs later..Must be a record...3hrs thats all??? Today is Wed and it started again last night so we went to dr today and he changed his meds. He also has bronchitis so it is fun here right now. Poor hubby...Praying he will get well soon. Here is the cloth. This one was a bit confusing at first. I frogged it more times than I would like to admit, but I finally got it. I mastered it once I realized this was not a mindless pattern like grandmas fav though it seems this way in the beginning. Once you get used to the first row it is very easy. Counting outloud and repeating it a few times to keep your place is very helpful. The pattern is here

8. Started scarves for the sister-in-laws...saw this wasn't going to happen so they were frogged! Sorry...will have to start now for next year!! I will make something fine next year. I will probably begin in June. Right now I have twin cousins due in April but expecting them early, so I am scrambling to get a plan of action. Then of course act on it!

9. My Mom made the SAAWEETEST crocheted potholders for a dear friend of hers....they are so cute. I apparently deleted, lost or something the pics for these so I will update when I find them.

10. My Mom also made my SIL's dog a cutey patooty pompom sweater.


Kiss graphics

11. I made my first baby hat last night! It was very fun. It has two rows of eyelet holes in the center but camera does nothing justice here let alone show details!! Pics of pooch above are of course not from my camera!

Well, I guess I need to go for is 2:41am and I am tired! I was just so excited that I could actually post I could not wait. (I have been having technical difficulties with the blog...but maybe thats all better now!)

See you all later happy knitting! God Bless You and Yours in the New Year!