Sunday, January 28, 2007


Well, my Mother made the very cutest potholders ever for a Christmas present. I have been waiting foreeeeever for pics so I could show them off! They are crochet and too pretty to use! She made the poochie sweater first but these are just darling aren't they?

I love my Mom. I may have mentioned this but just in case I hadn't she started nursing school this January! My girls and I are going through WITHDRAWALS! She is always doing homework ...very intensive program. I am so proud of her dedication. She deserves this so much, and you know the people she works with are just special people. They have been there when she needed a friend, a hug, a cry, a laugh, a helping hand, and spiritual guidance. And they have made a circle around her that is pretty hard to top. My Mother lives 200 miles away and we don't get to see much of each other. It really helps to know that there are so many people that really care about her and for her. They do not expect anything from her. Don't you think that a wonderful fairytale of a job and friends...people who like you, respect you, and possibly even love you for WHO you are?! I have no way to repay all of these people for all of the kindness they have shown.

They were there for her when she lost her Mom, and again when we lost my brother 6 months later at way to young. The only thing I can offer these wonderful, almost impossibly real people are my thanks and my prayers of blessings for them. I don't know many of them, but I love them ALL!

My SIL has been wonderful too. If it were not for her stepping in and bunking w/Mother and splitting the bills it would be impossible for her to have afforded to go to school at all. You are not allowed to work during the week at all while in nursing school, so without her none of it would have been possible. Thank you Crystal. I love you so much too. I am very grateful to you. (And poochie Mulls too!!)

Okay I have been mushy enough now. If anyone at the Huntsville Memorial Hospital knows Mimi...I know you are a part of these I mentioned above. Thank you so very much and may God bless you tremendously. And if you don't know Jesus Christ as your Lord & Saviour ... email me or contact Mimi Brittain between classes!